Kreation lets you make custom mold for nearly anything

Nate Swanner - Jul 9, 2014
Kreation lets you make custom mold for nearly anything

Custom molds of things are next to impossible to come by for some items. Making one is also pretty difficult, but a neat product called Kreation could help you create all kinds of cool stuff. From custom molds for foodstuff, or even a cradle for your phone, this is one you should check out.

Kreation is a super simple plastic molding device, but one that could have you making a special home for all your stuff. Made of laser-cut wood and a metal frame, Kreation only asks that you turn on the oven and vacuum to make cool stuff all day long.

Once the plastic is heated and vacuum attached to the side and turned on, the perforated base will draw the plastic down and around your mold. Vacuum forming and heated plastics won’t work for everything, but they will give you plenty of options for making all kinds of neat stuff.

Kreation is good for making molds to hold antiques and collectibles, and could even be a cool way to give broken items a home while they heal. Molding the plastic over your phone could give you license to make a custom cradle, and doing so with a charger plugged in could give you the custom charging bed you’ve been wanting.

Or, you know, you could dig up those old Han Solo toys and recreate your own “carbonite” scene. Kreation can be had for $89, which comes with 5 sheets of plastic, or a 20-sheet setup for $109

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