Korg USA announces two new synthesizers at Winter NAMM 2013

Eric Abent - Jan 24, 2013
Korg USA announces two new synthesizers at Winter NAMM 2013

Korg USA is going big at Winter NAMM 2013, introducing the world to two of its newest synthesizers. One of these is aimed at professionals and newbies alike, while the other is aimed at people who need a solid synth but don’t have the room for a full-size machine. Both will probably be quite expensive as a result, but those who are serious about their music rarely seem to care about price anyway.

We’ll start off with the new King Korg, which is primed and ready for the stage right out of the box. Featuring a 3-oscillator, 2-timbre design, the King Korg comes equipped with a number of oscillator algorithms and filters that can “accurately model sought-after vintage analog synths.” Korg’s Xpanded Modeling Technology helps with that as well, while the controls have been laid out in a way that Korg is hoping will appeal to veterans while at the same time drawing newcomers in.


Next up is the MS-20 Mini. If you’ve been following Korg for years, this will probably look pretty familiar to you. It has all of the functionality of the original MS-20 synth, only this time, engineers have squeezed all of that into a package that’s 86% smaller than the original. The MS-20 Mini still features self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters and an external signal processor, with Korg saying that it replicates everything about the original. If you liked the first MS-20 but want something similar that doesn’t take up as much space, this sounds like it’s for you.

There aren’t any pricing details listed, but as we stated above, don’t expect these to be necessarily cheap. Just the same, availability details are nowhere to be seen, but taking a quick look at Korg’s website, it appears that both are available now. Are any of you planning to pick one of these up?

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