Korg offers iElectribe Gorillaz Edition for iPad

If you like music you might be familiar with the band Gorillaz. They have the videos with animated primates in them. Gorillaz and Korg have teamed up to offer a cool special edition app for the iPad that is a virtual beatbox from Korg. The app is called iElectribe Gorillaz Edition.

The app will sell in a limited edition of 10,000 units at $9.99 per download. The company is apparently thinking of selling more since the app carries the disclaimer "sales beyond 10,000 are yet to be determined." What that likely means is if we sell 10,000 copies we will sell more. The app has some cool stuff for the people that want to make their own jams.

The app has a PCM synthesizer sound engine with 128 PCM samples. It has eight total instrument voices and eight PCM synthesizer parts. It has a bunch of different effects and the sequencer can have different patterns and tempos. The app has a lot of different things you can do and use to make your own tunes.

UPDATE: Check out our Mini Review and Demo of the Limited Edition Gorillaz iElectribe now!

[via iTunes]