Konnet PowerV Duo chargers your Wiimotes sans wires

Shane McGlaun - May 26, 2010
Konnet PowerV Duo chargers your Wiimotes sans wires

If you are a big fan of the Nintendo Wii, you can attest to how quickly the batteries in your Wii remotes run down. When we first got the Wii in my house, it seemed like I had to replace batteries every few days. If you want to stop the battery replacing forever and look good doing it, the Konnet PowerV DUO has debuted.

The PowerV DUO is just like the PowerV Quad that debuted a while back with the obvious difference being that the DUO only charges two remotes. The charger uses wireless induction technology and can charge the Wii Remote with the Motion Plus accessory and silicone jacket in place.

That little tidbit is something that most wireless Wii chargers can’t do. The stand also has a pair of USB charging ports to provide power to DS consoles or other gadgets. The PowerV DUO ships with the charge base, two battery packs, and a USB charge cable for the DSi, Lite, and LL. You can pick the thing up for $34.99.

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