Konami’s Silent Hill HD Collection not appreciated by original designer

Mark Raby - Mar 23, 2012, 9:34 pm CDT
Konami’s Silent Hill HD Collection not appreciated by original designer

The man who was the top dog in designing the original three Silent Hill games has been vocal at his disappointment with the recently released Silent Hill HD Collection. In other words, he thinks that Konami has ruined the masterpieces he helped create, even though the HD Collection is supposed to be a significantly improved version of all three titles. And it’s not exactly a good thing when someone who helped invent a franchise is not happy with the way that franchise is being presented.

We’re talking about the masterful game artist Masahiro Ito, and when he talks, people listen. In his Twitter account, Ito referred to a side-by-side comparison shot of the original Silent Hill and the supposed HD remake of Silent Hill. “Left side is HD, isn’t it? It’s poor. It’s really a released version? Really?” When he realized that it was in fact a shot of the final retail game, his response was, simply, “OMG!!!!” Yes, four exclamation points.

Ito isn’t the only one expressing frustration at the way the classic titles were ported over the a current-generation system. Gamers have been pouring in on the official Konami forums as well as other game communities to complain about everything from bad graphics to bugs and glitches. There are screen freezes, audio blips, and all sorts of other miscellaneous errors. But the voice of Ito himself expressing disappointment is worth more than a million disappointed gamers.

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