Koloroo KolorWheel warns you of clashing colors

If any of you out there are colorblind at all, you'll know the frustration of picking out colors that go well together. Also, if you're a guy like me, chances are that you have no fashion sense anyway, so it doesn't really matter. I happen to be both of these things. A little app for your iPod is hoping to help with these color issues.

The Koloroo KolorWheel will actually display a colorwheel and show you which colors go together, and which ones clash. All you do is use your Click Wheel to move around to the appropriate color, and it will show you the complementing colors.

It seems like a good idea, but I've grown used to the fact that I can't match colors very well, and I'm fine with it. Plus, if my friends started noticing that all of my clothes started matching they'll wonder what's going on. Besides, do I really need something to tell me that jeans and a t-shirt are fine to wear together?

Koloroo KolorWheel makes your iPod a color-scheme mastermind [via crave]