Kojima doesn't think MGS4 or PS3 sucks after all

Not too long ago we brought you news of Hido Kojima's disappointment in Metal Gear Solid 4, and the PS3's power. Apparently we crazy Americans didn't quite understand what he was saying, and thus assumed that he wasn't pleased with the game or console. However, it seems that just isn't the case.

Every culture is different, and one fundamental difference between the Japanese and American cultures has to do with modesty. Lets face it, when we do something good we like for everyone to know it. We like to talk about what we've done and just how great of a thing it is. The Japanese however, are a bit more on the modest side. So when Kojima spoke about the game and PS3, he wasn't telling us that they sucked, but rather he was just trying to be modest.

In a recent interview he states that he was speaking modestly, rather than taking the American route and bragging. Honestly, I don't think many people will be surprised when this game kicks some major ass, as we took his words with a grain of salt.

[via Joystiq]