Kodak unveils Pynk printing system

Shane McGlaun - Sep 20, 2010
Kodak unveils Pynk printing system

Sometimes there are things that surface that are very cool, but the name does them no justice. This is one of those cases. Kodak has unveiled a new custom printing service that people can take advantage of from those print kiosks in some of the big stores near you.

From the name of the service you really get no idea what Kodak has unveiled. You go to the store with your photos on media of some sort. You pick a frame style that you want hanging on the wall or sitting on the table and scan the bar code for the frame at the Pynk kiosk.

Then you select the images that you want in the photo frame via whatever method you chose to upload them and the kiosk takes those photos, sizes them, crops them, and then prints a single sheet with the photos on it perfectly arranged and sized for the frame you choose. Before you had to spend time cutting, printing, and sometimes taping photos together in one of these collage fames to compete the same thing. Kodak isn’t talking price on these things and if it costs too much it will fail. However, for the right price, this could be a very cool service.

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