Kodak Intros another Image Stabilizer’s Easyshare with Z1012 IS

Daniel Lim - Feb 1, 2008

The Kodak’s Easyshare gets a new IS addition to latest line-up of Z8612 IS and Z1085 IS, which were announced at CES 2008 weeks ago. The new model Easyshare Z1012 IS would give my aunt sally a big headache if she were to ask to best a pick one for my her birthday. That’s what she would do; pick one that costs the most. Unfortunately, the trio has the same selling price of $259. So what’s the different between them? That’s what she would ask.

The newer 10.1 megapixel Z1012 IS falls between last two models. It has the same ISO sensitivity and telephoto ability of 12x optical zoom features but 2 megapixel larger compares to z8612 IS. While the 10.1 megapixel Z1085 IS has only 5X optical zoom but has the highest ISO sensitivity of 8000 among the trio. One distinct different with Z1012 is an improved click-to-capture time of 0.23 second, Kodak claims that to be the best-in-class.

[via kodak]

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