Know the odds of your plane crashing with 'Am I Going Down?'

'Am I Going Down?' is an iOS app that tell you the chances of your plane crashing after you enter your flight details. The premise might sound a little stupid, or even like some kind of joke in poor taste, but it is in fact a serious attempt to ease the very real fears that some people have of flying. After being given the various parameters, the app uses math based on real data to show you the figures of how unlikely it is that your flight is going to crash.

Among the details that a flyer can input include departing city, destination, the airline, and even the manufacturer and model of the specific plane being used. The information seen in return is statistics like the one in several million chance that the exact flight entered will go down. Or that someone would need to fly that exact flight every day for thousands of years in order to expect a single crash during that period.

The app comes from developers Vanilla Pixel, based in London, and the data used in the calculations comes from archives of flight records and accidents provided by the NTSA and International Civil Aviation Organization.

At $0.99, 'Am I Going Down?' may seem like little more than a gimmick to regular flyers, but for those who struggle with real fears, it's a small price for reassurance and peace of mind. The only thing that might make it better would be some comparison statistics to show how other everyday activities, like driving a car on the highway or crossing the street downtown, are in fact more dangerous than flying.

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