Kmart denies snubbing Blu-ray, still isn't selling standalone players

We posted a story last week regarding Kmart's decision to support the HD DVD standard somewhat exclusively. Kmart has fired back to the media announcing that they are not picking sides in the battle, and they are happy to carry both formats in their stores.

According to Jonathan Magasanik, VP of Home Electronics for Sears Holdings (they own Kmart) "There have been numerous statements in the media (Wednesday), attributed to Toshiba, indicating exclusive support for the HD-DVD format in Kmart stores. These statements are false. Kmart intends to support both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray platforms, and has no plans to support either platform exclusively."

After checking out Kmart's site, what we reported on is still true, as they're not carrying any standalone Blu-ray players, however they do carry the PS3. It is rather reasonable that they would choose not to carry Blu-ray players, as a PS3 can actually be picked up for less money. It does go to show how HD DVD is gaining some ground with their almost budget-priced standalone players.

Kmart says it still supports Blu-ray [via crave]