Kloss DeLighTable

First, I have to say, I like the name, I have already stated my expressed disgust with companies like Motorola that remove letters or change them to similar sounding characters to make a product name. But when you can use an actual word, and just capitalize certain character to make a product name, I think its pure gold.

Anyways, onto this badass touch-sensitive table, that's right, its touch sensitive, and I think, judging from the video, it might be heat sensitive too. In the video they show a bunch of glasses on a table and they light up green, that's cool, but one glass glows red, so I think it might be a hot liquid, so, like I said, it might be heat sensitive too.

It's a thin table, slightly taller than a coffee table, and it took them 2-years to develop it. Now that they have the design down, it will only take you 4-6 weeks to get one after you plop down your $2300 for the purchase price. Too bad it doesn't appear to be scalable.

Touch-Sensitive Table from Kloss [via GeekAlerts]