Kirby Fighters 2 launches on Nintendo Switch after premature posting

Who said fighting games had to be bloody to be serious? There is, of course, a good number of fighting games that take on more lighthearted and even whimsical twists and Nintendo fans will probably put Kirby Fighters in that category. Just hours after Nintendo itself mistakenly leaked its existence, Kirby Fighters 2 has been officially made available as a download-only game for Nintendo's only remaining console.

The first Kirby Fighters appeared on the now-retired Nintendo 3DS as a spin-off and was first made available as part of a compilation. The popularity of this cute but deadly last man standing game eventually lead to the game's release as a standalone title, available only from Nintendo's eShop.

Kirby Fighters 2 follows in its footsteps, even down to its availability. You still get to select a character with one of Kirby's many copy abilities, including a completely new one called Wrestler. You can also choose from a selection of popular Kirby characters if pink just doesn't match your tastes.

Beyond a simple LMS fighting game, Kirby Fighters 2 also offers several modes, including a story mode that lets you play with a partner, either AI or another player. There's also a Single-Handed Mode where you race against time and yourself in clearing out a seemingly unending wave of enemies.

Confirming the earlier leak, Kirby Fighters 2 is now available for $19.99, exclusive to the Switch. Considering the relatively silent launch, it might be exclusive to the online store as well. It supports all of the Switch's multiplayer modes, from sharing Joycons to four-player local party to online battles. The latter, of course, requires a Switch Online subscription.