Kingston outs HyperX 3K SSD

Kingston has unveiled a new SSD aimed at enthusiasts and gamers that are on a budget. The new SSD is the HyperX 3K SSD using a second-generation SandForce SF-2281 processor. This SSD uses SATA 6 Gb/s interface and has impressive read/write performance. The new drive has sequential read throughput of 555 MB/s.

Sequential write throughput is 510 MB/s and the drive has maximum random read and write IOPS of 85K read and 74k write. The drive also uses SandForce DuraClass technology for improved endurance and lifespan. The SSD will come in multiple capacities, including 90 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB. The case of the SSD is black and aluminum for good looks.

The NAND flash used is MLC and the SSD is a 2.5-inch form factor. The drive supports SMART, TRIM, and Garbage Collection. Shock resistance is up to 1500 G, and the mean time between failure is rated at 1 million hours. The SSD needs less than half a watt when idling, 1.58 W when reading, and 2.11 W when writing. The SSD will come as the drive alone or in an upgrade kit with prices ranging from $139.99 to $699.99 for the standalone SSD. The upgrade kit bundle averages $10 more than the standalone drives.