Kingston HyperX H20 RAM surfaces

Shane McGlaun - Aug 3, 2010
Kingston HyperX H20 RAM surfaces

The Kingston line of HyperX RAM has been on the market for a long time and offers RAM kits that enthusiasts and gamers like for the high performance offered. Kingston has added a new product to its line of RAM called the HyperX H2O.

The big feature of the HyperX H2O RAM kits is the special heat sinks that have ports for liquid cooling built-in. The liquid cooled RAM allows the enthusiast to cool the RAM making it more stable at higher operating frequencies.

Kingston offers a few kits in the line including a 4GB kit running at 2000MHz wit 9-11-9 latencies. A 6GB kit with three 2GB modules is offered with the same latencies and 2000MHz frequency. The highest performing of the kits is a 4GB kit with 2133MHz speed with the same 9-11-9 latencies.

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