Kingston has best year ever in 2010 with record $6.5B revenue

2010 was better for most firms that 2009, but there were still hard times to be had thanks to the slow economy. Those hard times didn't affect Kingston though; the company posted its best year ever in 2010. The announcement was made this week that Kingston had the best year in its company history for sales in 2010.

Kingston posted global revenue of $6.5 billion in 2010, which is as $2.4 billion increase from 2009. Kingston attributes that massive growth in 2010 to an increase in the average selling price and an increase in shipment volume. Kingston is one of the largest makers of all sorts of memory products from flash storage of RAM from computers like the new HyperX T1 kit it introduced this month.

Kingston said that the rise in average sales price started in Q1 2010 and continues throughout the year. A lot of the increased profit was thanks to enterprise customers with growth in the Kingston OEM and Flash business divisions.