Kingston drops fast low-voltage and ultra-low voltage memory on market

Kingston has a huge range of memory for computers that will fit just about every notebook and desktop platform out there. The company also has a full line of flash drives and SSDs as well. Kingston has announced a new line of memory today claimed to be the world's fastest low-voltage, ultra-low voltage performance memory.

The RAM runs at 1.25V at 1600MHz and is the lowest voltage RAM for PCs available today. Kingston has the new memory in its HyperX DDR3 range in a LoVo line. The line will include three different models of memory.

A mainstream low voltage kit will run at 1600MHz, a 1.35V kit will be offered, and a 1333MHz 1.25V kit will be available. All three kits are tested to work on the Asus P7P55D EVO mainboard. A 4GB kit capable of 1866MHz at 1.35V or 1600MHz at 1.25V will sell for $203. A 4GB 1.35V kit will sell for $158, and a 4GB 1333MHz kit at 1.25V will sell for $154.