Kingmax introduces smallest flash drive

Smaller, thinner, lighter. No, I'm not talking about the idea of perfection that todays supermodels inflict upon our youth. I'm talking about the trends in current technology. Why would I talk about weight issues?

Kingmax is touting the title of "smallest flash drive" and apparently for pretty good reason. You know it's small when they list the measurements in millimeters. 34x12.4x2mm to be exact. The tiny stick weighs in right at one gram. You can get them for as little as $19 for the 512MB up to $55 for the 4GB version.

Am I the only one that thinks they could stand to gain a little weight? No, not the supermodels; well, they probably could to, but that's not the point here. Focus people. I would lose one of these little flash drives within a week. Then again if my cell phone didn't ring so much I'd probably lose it too.

Teeny, Tiny USB Super Stick Makes Losing Your Flash Drive Easier Than Ever [via gearlog]