Kinect-controlled trashcan catches trash tossed in the air

Playing a game of real life paper toss just got way simpler, all thanks to a new trash that can swiftly move across a room to catch any airborne piece of trash you toss past your shoulder. The Smart Trashbox actually uses Kinect technology that operates on a wheeled base and is configured to an integrated circuit board. And even though this sort of thing was likely designed for lazy people or people with bad aim, we're pretty sure it could be used purely for entertainment purposes too.

Created by Japanese inventor Modder FRP, the system can measure the flight of air-born garbage so it can make its position to catch it. It's controlled by a Kinect sensor installed above the room and a code written from scratch that allows it to track anything tossed in the air. Check out the video below to see how the entire thing works.

The high-tech trash bin still needs some improvements to tighten up system accuracy, but for now it's still pretty fun to watch. If something like this could ever be brought outdoors, polluted parks and streets may never be a problem ever again.

[via Verge]