Kinect Camera Technology May Find Its Way Into Windows Phone

By now world familiar with Microsoft's Xbox Kinect camera system. Microsoft has recently hinted that Kinect camera technology is coming to the Windows Phone operating system. While the Kinect was first billed as a device to enable motion gaming on the Xbox 360, it became clear early on that the Kinect have a lot more potential than gaming alone.

Microsoft into during a press conference this week that it will be working with Nokia to integrate the camera technology in the future Windows Phone devices. Other smartphones that are already on the market feature cameras that are able to recognize gestures allowing the user to control the screen without actually having to touch the device. It's easy to imagine Microsoft doing something similar with Windows Phone.

Microsoft be taken even further and tight that motion sensing camera technology to video gaming in who knows what else. Microsoft's operating systems group VP Terry Meyerson hinted that the collaboration between Nokia and Windows Phone devices would take place.

He said:

In the area of imaging, the Nokia Lumia 1020 has no equal. We are excited to bring this together with our Kinect camera technology to delight our customers.

Microsoft announced earlier this week that it would be purchasing Nokia's hardware arm in a deal worth billions of dollars. There is no indication at this time of when smartphones using Kinect might hit market.

SOURCE: The Inquirer