Kinect becomes gesture remote for Boxee and XBMC media portal

I have to say that most of the Kinect hacks that I have seen have been cool, but had no real use for me or most other geeks that don't hack just for fun. A new hack for the Kinect has surfaced dubbed KinEmote and this is one hack that would be useful to many people.

The KinEmote hack turns the Kinect into a gesture controller that allows the user to navigate the menus of a Boxee device and the XBMC media portal using nothing but hand gestures captured by the Kinect. The hack will also work with any other OpenNI compliant camera according to the maker.

The KinEmote hack was created by a couple of geeks called John Simons and Joel Dodd. You can download the software needed to do this in your own home right now. If you try it out let us know how it works.