Kindle Paperwhite gets a colorful refresh

Just because your ebook reader can only display shades of grey doesn't mean it has to be just as drab, right? Despite the possibilities, most epaper devices seem to be content in following Amazon's lead and limit their color selections to just black, white, or grey. Amazon might now be setting a new trend by making its Kindle Paperwhite available in a few more colors to spruce up your digital book companion just a wee bit.

It's easy enough to give any Kindle a color makeover. Amazon itself sells a number of colorful cases and covers and there will be no shortage of third-party accessories to cover, no pun intended, the rest. There are those, however, who would prefer not to bulk up their Kindle just for the sake of appearances, and color options right off the bat would probably be more to their liking.

Last year, Amazon did the unthinkable and made available a Twilight Blue option for the Kindle Paperwhite in addition to the standard Black. Today, history repeated itself with a different hue with the new reddish Plum and greenish Sage options. Those hoping for something yellow or red will still have to make do with covers.

What else has changed in this new Paperwhites? Absolutely nothing. The two still come in two options of 8 and 32 GB capacities, for example, and can be purchased with or without Special Offers, depending on how much you're willing to pay for it.

That does work out when it comes to price since it's priced exactly the same as well. Oddly enough, the blue Paperwhite is marked out of stock until later this month. If you've been waiting for news about actual Paperwhite upgrades, though, you probably aren't used to how Amazon does its hardware business yet.