Kim Dotcom promises the launch of Megabox music service this year

You might think with the massive legal battle that Kim Dotcom is in the middle of over alleged copyright infringement that the man might be holding off on any new projects. Dotcom, founder of, has offered up new details on his new "disruptive" music project set to launch before the end of this year. The hint came in the form of tweet from Kim Dotcom.

The new music service is said to be called Megabox and would allow musicians to sell directly to the user. Megabox was originally announced before Dotcom was arrested, and Megaupload was taken off-line by the US Department of Justice. Dotcom remarked in June that there would be several major announcements this year on the new music service.

Some of those announcements are expected to be deals with artists eager to leave the traditional music sales mold. Dotcom had said previously of his Megabox music plans that his business model would allow the artist to keep 90% of their earnings. Another interesting tidbit was the promise that the service would have a program called Megakey where artists would be paid for people who download their music for free as well.

While Dotcom is moving forward with this new project, he still fighting against extradition to the US. His extradition trial set for March 2013. The courts have also previously ruled that the warrants used in the raid on his massive mansion were illegal. The video of that mansion raid hit the Internet last week.

[via TheNextWeb]