Kids react to old cameras: "Such hard work"

It's time for another adorable "Kids React" video in which the younger generation reacts to now-obsolete gadgets and other old tech, simultaneously making us laugh and reminding us that we're getting old. In this newest video, kids are reacting to an average point-and-shoot film camera, trying to figure out how to operate it and, their most troublesome issue, how to put the film in place. They all prove successful in the end, but not before pleas for help and comments like "There's no photo fluid in this thing!" are made.

The camera in question is a Canon SureShot 85 Zoom 35mm camera powered by a couple of batteries and featuring a zoom lens. The first reaction many of the kids had? It's big, ugly, and thankfully durable enough to handle the time it was dropped. It doesn't take long for the group to figure out how to power it on, but they moved right on to taking pictures, not realizing film was needed.

Many didn't know what film was, or needed a prompting before it occurred to them. Even if they knew about the need for film, however, many didn't know exactly what it was and few knew how to finagle it into the camera. "Who knew taking a picture could be such hard work?" one girl asked.

When it came time to take a picture, a few chose to take a selfie, and then the question came: how do we review the photo? When the process of getting film developed was explained, the kids weren't terribly receptive, pondering how they would have survived waiting for it to develop and the cost of having to buy and then develop film.

The summary of the experience? "This is the devil camera."