Kickstarter reveals $200m raised by 2m backers

Kickstarter has brought a whole host of products, accessories, and ventures thanks to crowdsourcing funds. The company recently sat down at the Wired Business Conference and announced that it has seen around 2 million backers, with 22,000 projects funded and $200 million pledged so far. Kickstarter takes a 5% commission on all projects, so it looks like the company has managed to acquire $10 million in around three years.

Yancey Strickler, co founder of Kickstarter, detailed how the website has become such a massive hit, citing the community and praising them for figuring out how to use the platform effectively. Here's a surprising figure though: only around 5% of projects are technology related, with film projects taking up a large portion of the share. This year alone, Kickstarter has helped 12 films get into the Tribeca Film Festival.

As for other stats, Strickler revealed that 56% of projects don't meet their monetary goal, and only 5% of projects are rejected from the website. We've seen that a Kickstarter project can be massively successful with the right product. Take the Pebble smartwatch, for example: it shattered the $1 million barrier in less than 24 hours, and as of writing, stands just shy of $8 million with 53,271 backers and 16 days to go.

[via The Next Web]