KFA2 GeForce GTX460 video card goes wireless

When it comes to a gaming computer, there are typically tons of wires running around. One of the cables that can be really expensive if you need a long one is the DVI cable. If you are already using a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, a wireless printer, and you want to go even more wire-free a new video card has surfaced just for you.

The video card is from KFA2 and is the GeForce GTX 460. The five antennas sticking out of the back of the card stream the video to your monitor sans wires. That's actually really cool and would be great for shooting your video from the PC over to a desk across the room when you don't have a network cable long enough to reach.

The card supports all the features that the normal GTX 460 card offers like SLI capability, 3D Vision, and DirectX 11 support. The card has 336 cores, a 675MHz graphics clock, 1350MHz processor clock, and an 1800MHz memory clock. The card uses WHDI tech for putting that video on your PC screen. Pricing on the card is unknown at this time.

KFA2 via Kotaku