Keyscaper offers Pac-10 custom keyboards and others

I have never owned a keyboard that wasn't black, beige, or grey. The keyboard I use now is a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, which is black. If you are the type who likes color or is really into a college football team you can get a keyboard from Keyscaper that has some style to it.Keyscaper is offering new keyboards and computer mice that are clad in Pac-10 college colors and sport the team mascot. If football isn't your thing, you can also get the keyboards with several different stock photos on them or Garfield characters.

Keyscaper doesn't use stickers or wraps to get the color and logos onto the keyboards; it uses some sort of proprietary printing process. The only downside I see is that hunt and peck typists may have hard time seeing the letters on some of the more brightly colored keyboards. I also wonder how well the print will stand up to use. Typically, my keys start to lose color and letters fade after about six months. The keyboards sell for $49 and a matching mouse can be had for $29.