Keyglove wearable input device is a keyboard and mouse with one hand

Sometimes a computer user only has one hand that they can work with be it due to standing up or some sort of physical limitation. A new project has landed on Kickstarter that is very interesting called Keyglove Wearable Input Device. The glove combines the functions of a mouse and a keyboard.

The glove is powered by Arduino/AVR, it uses touch combinations for keys, and an accelerometer is integrated for mouse control. I would imagine the glove has a steep learning curve, but once mastered the designer says that you can input data without looking at it. The hand drawing in the gallery isn't where the letters are bound.

The glove uses combinations of touching one sensor to another to make 60 different possibilities. That would mean you could enter a different letter for each touch of the thumb to a fingertip. The markings on the hand drawing are there for reference. So "Y" on the thumb to "J" on the pinky would make one letter with "7" on the pinky touching "Z" on the thumb making something else. It's a very slick device with some practical implementations. The project has 27 days to meet its goal of $10,000 with $485 pledged at the time I wrote this.

[via Kickstarter]