Keychron Q2 aims to be the perfect starter mechanical keyboard

Hong Kong-based company Keychron has announced a new mechanical keyboard targeting creators and anyone who wants a high-end typing accessory that doesn't take up too much desk space. The new Keychron Q2 features a 65-percent layout, meaning you won't get a dedicated numpad, navigation keys (not to be confused with the arrow keys), or function row.

According to Keychron, its Q2 is the next-generation upgrade from the company's popular Q1 mechanical keyboard. Notably, the Q1 model featured a 75-percent layout, whereas the Q2 is a bit smaller at 65-percent. The new model features a fully customizable design, meaning users can adjust and swap out each component to meet their specific needs.

The model is made from 6063 CNC-machined aluminum; it includes double gaskets, a hot-swappable key design, screw-in stabilizers, RGB support, OSA PBT keycaps, QMK/VIA support, and wireless connectivity. The switch from ABS to PBT for the keycaps makes them more durable, according to Keychron, which also includes a programmable knob with the Q2 that can be customized to perform certain actions.

Knobs are particularly popular among creators who may, for example, program the component to their favorite software's zoom function for quickly zooming in and out or use it for other tasks like turning the volume up and down. Another notable feature is a dedicated switch on the back of the keyboard that allows users to quickly toggle between Windows and Mac keyboard layouts.

The keyboard's PBT keycaps have a non-shine-through design, and Keychron equipped the model with south-facing RGB lights for backlight. The Keychron Q2 is offered in three color schemes: Navy Blue, Carbon Black, and Space Grey. The keyboard is priced at $189 USD, though it is currently discounted to $179 USD.

Buyers are given multiple purchasing options on Keychron's website, including the fully assembled keyboard (with or without knob) at the full price and a barebones version priced at $149.