Key Carbon keystroke logger

In the evil world of data theft/identity theft, the key logger is a major player provided you have easy physical access to the computer your intended target uses. It's also good for those super nosy parents that are worried about what types of emails/instant messages their kids are receiving and what websites they are going to.

So every once in a while a company will release a new keystroke logger program or other type of key logger such as this USB based device. This is kind of a jack though, its way over priced, for $190 you get a USB stick that doesn't even work without some software being installed and furthermore only has 512k of storage.

That is way too much for such a lacking feature set. If you either didn't have to install anything or if it had more storage, or if it was considerably smaller, it might be worth it, but it has none of those things going for it. So you can get yours now if you are desperate, and unwilling to use any of the current software only solutions, but I would recommend against it, first off its too easy to spot the hardware because it's the same size as a USB flash drive, it installs software which means it can be seen working in the task manager, and it only holds 512K or 90k words, I do at least that in a day, and if you have to recover and empty this thing every day, it becomes risky business, I'm just saying.

Key Carbon keystroke logger [via coolest-gadgets]