Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball up for pre-order

If you say Kensington to me, I automatically think about the notebook locks and the little port for those locks that is on just about every small computer on the market to keep them from being stolen. Kensington makes a lot more than just notebook locks though with a full range of peripherals and other stuff. The latest peripheral to come out of Kensington is the Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball.

The Trackball is an input device that works like a mouse and is favored by people with carpal tunnel or those that have little room for mousing. You move the ball to control the cursor and the little wireless version is sized for portability. The Orbit uses 2.4GHz wireless tech and comes with a tiny nano receiver that can be stored inside the Orbit when needed.

The Orbit has touch scrolling for zipping through pages fast. The peripheral is also ambidextrous so left handed users can play. Kensington ships the Orbit with TrackBall Works software for customization and the device is plug-and play. It will work with Mac or PC computers and can be pre-ordered now for $59.99.