Keeper FastFill brings password autofill to Android

Nate Swanner - Jun 16, 2014
Keeper FastFill brings password autofill to Android

With the announcement that 1Password had re-dedicated themselves to Android, the excitement was palpable. A favorite iOS and OS X mainstay was finally making their way to Android in a big way. Rival service Keeper may have just one-upped them, though, with the introduction of FastFill.

Though we really like 1Password, it lacks one special thing: the ability to fill passwords in apps. Keeper realized there was a need to have a service that gently helped to fill our passwords inside of apps, so they created FastFill. Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper, said “With FastFill, users can quickly and securely login to their favorite apps. This is now an integral part of the Keeper app on Android which provides a seamless and secure user experience across all mobile apps and browsers, including Chrome.”

Studies show we access apps more often than the web, but the ability to fill passwords in apps has been lost on us. Keeper says FastFill will work with all apps, too. No more hunting for a password or trying to decipher clues.

The Keeper Android app will be updated on June 23rd to cobble FastFill in, with their iOS and Windows apps being updated later this year. Keeper is free to use on a single device, but you can subscribe for up to $29.99/year, giving you the password vault (and it’s full complement of features) on all devices. Keeper tells us their FastFill update will be available for all users.

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