Keep your Mac protected with the MacTruck case

Some people are exceptionally hard on their laptops. When they get into their car they just kind of sling their laptop case into the back or the passenger seat. Those kinds of things can cause dings and such pretty easily.

If you still like having a regular laptop, and not a fancy rugged one, you might think about getting a better laptop case. This one called the MacTruck is made from a 5052-H32 Aluminum alloy. That really doesn't mean much to me, as I'm not up on my knowledge of alloys, but it's strong enough to drive a truck over. That's good enough for me.

These are specially made for MacBooks, and they even allow you to use your laptop without even taking it out of the case. The MacTruck has high-density poly padding, which limits the amount of jostling that your laptop will be subjected to. You can pick one up for $200-$300.

MacTruck Rugged Casing for Your Mac Powerbooks [via bornrich]