Keecker smart connected robot can entertain and secure your home or office

A company called Keecker is on hand at CES 2014 with an interesting connected robot device. The Keecker robot is described as the first connected computer for lifestyle and entertainment. The company says that the robot will change how content is shared at home.

The robot also has other functionality for security and more. The Keecker robot has a built in video projector and supports 360-degree audio. It also has a video capture system. The robot is able to project movies onto walls and other projection surfaces in any room of the home. Users can also have the robot play music, surf the web, make video calls, play games, and more.

The robot is controlled via a smartphone application. The robot can be controlled remotely and be used to check out your home or office from afar. Keecker has motorized wheels allowing it to follow along at your side in the home.

The robot also provides home analytics capability. It can monitor temperature, humidity, sound level, light level, CO2 level, and more. The robot can also be used to project art on the walls for interior decorating. The Keecker robot is 16-inches wide and 25-inches tall. The company plans to launch the robot in Q4 2014 with pricing for the bot in the $4000 to $5000 range.

SOURCE: Keecker