Kee Utility finally ships its Desk Phone Dock for iPhone

Shane McGlaun - Apr 6, 2011, 3:42 am CST
Kee Utility finally ships its Desk Phone Dock for iPhone

I use my iPhone at home and anywhere else. I know that many folks are like me and have stopped using a landline altogether. I use my iPhone at my desk more than anything as I work each day and sometimes if I am trying to talk to someone and use my hands it gets to be a pain since I don’t have a Bluetooth speaker phone sitting there.

Kee Utility has a cool new speaker dock that it is now shipping. The dock is called the Desk Phone Dock for iPhone and apparently, it was unveiled a while back and was then delayed. The dock lets you plug in your iPhone into what looks like your typical business phone. The dock will charge your iPhone and the normal looking handset on the dock lets you pick it up and talk all you want.

The Kee dock also has a speakerphone integrated and has a stereo speaker for your tunes. The thing I like about this other than using a Bluetooth speakerphone is that I don’t have to worry about Bluetooth suddenly acting up in the middle of a call and I don’t have to remember to charge a Bluetooth speakerphone either. Moreover, if I need some privacy on a call and someone else is in the office I can just pick up the handset. The price for the dock is $149.95.

[via CNET]

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