Kaspersky developing OS to protect critical information systems

In an announcement where Eugene Kaspersky tossed around some verbiage about Die Hard 4 and John McClane and cyber attacks on things best left alone, like nuclear power stations, it was revealed that Kaspersky Lab is developing a "secure" operating system for industrial control systems (ICS). Specifically, the upcoming OS will provide protection for key information systems for transportation facilities, utility infrastructure, communications systems, and the like. Says Kaspersky, "Quite a few rumors about this project have appeared already on the Internet, so I guess it's time to lift the curtain (a little) on our secret project and let you know (a bit) about what's really going on."

The quasi-announcement/blog post goes on to give some background on recent issues relevant to the topic, including one in Australia where a hacker in Queensland let loose a flood of sewage as revenge for being rejected for a job. Such incidents reveal the vulnerabilities present in many of the infrastructures we depend on, something Kaspersky aims to fix. As if it needed to be stated, the announcement clarified that the upcoming OS will not be used for gaming or "blathering on social media."

According to the post, the Kaspersky operating system will prevent hackers from performing undeclared activity behind the scenes. Specifically, it will be impossible to execute third-party code, break into the system, or run unauthorized apps. Says Kaspersky, this claim is "provable and testable."

Little else was said about the operating system. Presently, KL and industrial control system operators and vendors are in talks, prompting needs for confidentiality. The announcement doesn't state when the OS will be available, only that additional details will be released "when available."

[via Kaspersky]