Karma 4G mobile hotspot shares data access

Most wireless carriers are doing all they can to cut back on data use or charge customers more. Karma has a different way of doing things with its 4G mobile hotspots. You get free data on your account for sharing your 4G access with other people. Karma gives 100 MB of free 4G data to everyone.

The Karma 4G hotspot will cost $69 and when the user signs up, they get 100 MB of free data. When the user goes around other people with their 4G hotspot, strangers and friends can join the open network the device makes. Users who join the open Karma hotspot network will have to sign in via their Facebook account.

When the users sign in using Facebook, they also get 100 MB of free data and the owner of the device gets an extra 100 MB of free data. Basically, you get free data when you let strangers share your device. If no one signs into your device to give you free data, you can buy more data for $14.99 per gigabyte. Karma operates on the Clearwire 4G WiMax network.

[via Gottabemobile]