Kanguru whips out Defender Elite remotely manageable flash drive with hardware encryption

Data security is at the front of many minds in the business world. With the ease that data can be copied to and from portable devices today and the fact that these devices are easily lost or stolen means sensitive data has to be protected. Kanguru has a new flash drive that has achieved the FIPS 140-2 certification for data security called the Kanguru Defender Elite.

The flash drive is notable for also meeting HIPAA standard in the medical field and Sarbanes Oxley specifications. Kanguru designed the new Defender Elite flash drive to meet the stringent needs of the DoD after it lifted the ban on using flash drives for confidential and top secret documents in the military.

The flash drive protects data with 256-bit AES hardware encryption and offers remote management of the drive. The Elite limits the number of password attempts, has master password support, and can be IP or domain restricted. The drive has a tamper resistant design and integrated anti-virus and malware protection. Pricing and availability are unannounced.