Kangaroo takes down nosy drone

Situations in which drone use is acceptable are still being worked out, both on the legal and the social level. The FAA has concerned itself with making sure quadcopters and other drones don't become a public safety hazard, and the public itself is forming its own standards about drone etiquette — it is frowned upon to fly a drone to peek over your neighbor's fence, for example, something demonstrated by a Reason poll showing 47-percent of people felt they could destroy it under such circumstances.

Apparently a member of the kangaroo family shown in the video below feels the same way. The operator was looking to get some up-close shots of the kangaroos, and underestimated how close he or she was to the group (or, perhaps, how high they can jump).

Some of the animals scattered, but a couple became curious and approached the drone, which backed off. The drone swooped in for a second look when they started to retreat, however, and that's when one of the kangaroos chased it down and nabbed the UAV out of the sky.

This isn't the first time we've seen videos of nature taking out drones. Earlier this year the RMIT UAS Research team was testing a small bird-shaped drone when an eagle swooped and grabbed it, flying around for a while before placing it in a tree and staring at it, presumably, in confusion.