Kanex SnapX two-port switcher connects two Mac computers to one Cinema Display

If you are a big Mac fan, you might have more than one Mac that you want to connect to your big Cinema Display at the same time. The problem is that connecting two Macs to one screen isn't as easy as just using the other input like you might on other brands of screens. Kanex has a new cable that makes it easy to hook two machines to a single Cinema display.

The new cable is called the SnapX and it is a two-port switcher for the LED Cinema Display. It will allow you to connect just about any two Macs including the mini or MacBooks to the Apple display. The cable has two MiniDisplay ports and dual USB ports as well. You plug both the computers into the switch with the integrated cables and then the single cable into the display.

The switcher allows the users to take advantage of the iSight camera and audio on each computer connected and there is no impact on audio or video quality. The SnapX only has one button to change between the two machines making it easy to use. You can pre-order the switcher right now for $69 with shipping set for September.