JVC XA-AW33 floating audio player

JVC has been showing off its new XA-AW33 floating audio player at CEATEC 2007. Just imagine one of those floating chlorine tablet things, but sealed off and with media controls on the top and you pretty much have got a good image what this thing looks like.

There is some sort of special speaker in this thing from NXT which is a UK tech company. I can't see a speaker on top, or on the bottom, so I am going to assume it is the gap that makes a ring around the devices top half.

As far as media controls there is volume up and down, previous, next, and a play/stop/power button underneath the little cover. All the buttons are sealed, thus waterproof and there is a tether for the cover over the buttons so you don't lose it since it comes completely off the player. It weighs 260 grams and is buoyant, it will cost you about $171 in Japan and is available now.

JVC to display its floating audio player 'XA-AW33' [via AVING]