JVC LX-UH1 DLP projector brings 4K and HDR to home theaters

JVC has introduced a new projector capitalizing on consumer desire for 4K products. Called the LX-UH1, this new projector is said to offer 4K Ultra HD content with a contrast ratio hitting 100,000:1 and 2,000 lumens. The model, which is definitely toward the upward limit for most consumer budgets, is set to launch in May, officially giving us an alternative to BenQ's new 4K projector model.

JVC isn't new to the 4K projector market, however its existing UHD devices are quite pricey, putting them more in the realm of businesses than everyday consumers. That's where the LX-UH1 comes in. This model isn't cheap at $2499, but it is doable for someone setting up their own home entertainment system. This model is DLP-based.

The LX-UH1 features a 0.47-inch TRP digital micro mirror and offers 100-percent support for Rec.709 color. According to AVForums, the new model supports HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma, enabling users to view high dynamic range content. There's also a dynamic contrast feature.

Users get access to two HDMI ports, reducing the odds that you're going to have to use a switch or regularly toggle between cables. One of the two ports has full HDMI/HDCP2.2 standard support for transfer rates up to 18Gbps. Other features include a 1.6x wide zoom lens that's adjustable to account for various mounting positions.

These specs are similar to the newly announced BenQ TK800, a 4K consumer projector with support for HDR, Rec.709 (92%), and a 120Hz refresh rate. That model includes a special sports mode that boosts colors and tweaks the audio for sports games. Unlike the JVC projector, though, the BenQ model is a thousand dollars cheaper at $1499 USD.