JVC HP-FX500 ear buds made from wood

Well, here's a new logical approach, take the same things that make speakers sound better and apply them to ear buds. Well, JVC did just that and made these ear buds out of wood with what looks like a bass port and everything.

The best part is they only weigh a mere 7.5 grams. They'll crank out 100 decibels per milliwatt and they have a frequency response of 8Hz to 25kHz at 16 ohms.

They really aren't too terribly expensive for such a nice pair of ear buds either. They are 15k Yen or about a hundred Euro which is pretty close to $150 USD. No word why they say Victor on the side or if they'll ever hit US shores, but hopefully they do and aren't too expensive.

New wooden earphones from JVC [via akihabranews]