Just what the Apple Watch needs: its own Flappy Bird clone

You may have finally escaped your Flappy Bird addiction from when it was dominating your smartphone screen, but image playing it in a new, simpler way, never thought possible. You could tap that bird and fail to clear those pipes, all from your wrist. It can all be made possible with the Apple Watch. Don't worry though, it won't be happening anytime soon, as the infamous game's appearance on the wearable is thanks to developer hacking the new watchOS 2, which makes this story funny, rather than incredibly sad.

Developer Hamza Sood shared his achievement on Twitter, revealing that after tinkering with watchOS 2, which Apple released last week at WWDC, he was able to get a Flappy Bird clone to run natively on the Apple Watch. The feat is pretty impressive, as it features sound effects from the wearable's speaker, and can be played with either touch input or using the Digital Crown. See it in action below.

watchOS 2's prominent new feature is allowing developers to create apps that run natively on the Watch. However, after some hands-on time, developers found UIKit, SpriteKit, and SceneKit — advanced frameworks used in iPhone apps — are not supported.

Last week, a group of developers were able to run UIKit and SceneKit on the Watch, resulting in the endless runner-style game Canabalt running on the device, as seen above. Sood's Flappy Bird was possible because he got SpriteKit to work.

SOURCE Hamza Sood/Twitter

VIA MacRumors