Just how much power did the PS3 add to the Folding at Home project?

We've all heard about the Folding at Home application that will run on PS3's. We've also heard some wild claims as to how much power the PS3's Cell processor can really pack. The guys over at Gizmodo have been tracking some numbers, and the results are quite shocking.

As much as I don't care for the PS3 as a gaming console, I will admit, it has a lot of power. Here's something to think about, there are about 159,033 PC's connected to the Folding at Home project, and only 13,000 PS3's. The small number of PS3's connected are accounting for over half, that's 56 percent of the computing power.

If you're wondering how much computing power that amounts to; the PS3's account for 316 TFLOPS. That's just incredible. This lifted the Folding at Home project to the fastest distributed computing project around. At this rate, it won't be long before the project is measured in PFLOPS instead of TFLOPS.

Breaking: PS3 Folding: PS3 Triples Folding At Home's Computing Power to Over 500 TFLOPS..PFLOPS in Spitting Range [via Gizmodo]