Just because you're 70 doesn't mean you can't build a flying car

When I picture myself at age 70, I think that I'll be lucky to live that long. But provided that I do make it to that age, I like to think that I will have retired and spend most of my time dedicated to my hobbies. For some people, those hobbies would include golfing and relaxing. For two Dallas residents that would include building a flying car.

No, they haven't managed to create a fully-functional craft yet, but they are making strong headway. 70 year-old Clarence Kissell and 72 year-old Vernon Porter are working on a small craft that may soon be able to tackle the highway as well as the sky. Currently, they have a body made of fiberglass and foam that will be powered by a Mazda RX-8 engine and a rear-mounted propeller.

They've wrapped up about $70,000 of their personal money, but they estimate that they will need around $1.2 million in order to get the project "off the ground."

Grandads design Flying Car and hope to build it before it's too late [via gadget lab]