Jurassic World Evolution trailer offers up first in-game footage

Eric Abent - Oct 9, 2017, 1:17 pm CDT
Jurassic World Evolution trailer offers up first in-game footage

Back in July, we were all taken by surprise when Jurassic World Evolution, a new park-building simulation game, was announced. Even more surprising is that Jurassic World Evolution is being developed by Frontier, the studio behind the excellent Planet Coaster. Sadly, those of us hoping for a glimpse at in-game footage were left disappointed, as the reveal trailer was a purely cinematic affair.

That all changed over the weekend at Frontier Expo 2017. During the expo, some of the members of the Frontier development team stopped by to show off a new trailer and talk about some of the gameplay found in Jurassic World Evolution.

The trailer itself doesn’t show any gameplay, but what we see is in-game footage. There are a bunch of different dinosaurs on display, including Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Velociraptor. We see them doing all sorts of different things too, front hunting and sleeping to moving as a herd and grazing.

READ MORE: Jurassic World Evolution is the game I’ve always wantedThe single player campaign in Jurassic World Evolution will take place across five different islands, each one unlocking new dinosaurs and giving players access to new resources. You’ll employ a team of experts that represent the three branches of your park: entertainment, security, and science. It sounds like you can pursue one or all of these branches, hiring experts in each field that will offer you contracts to progress.

Of course, it’s not a Jurassic Park game without disasters to manage. Those will present as well, from infrastructure failures that allow dinosaurs to escape to natural disasters that bring critical systems down. You can watch the full panel from Frontier Expo 2017 in the video you see above for more information.

Jurassic Park Evolution isn’t out until next year, but it already sounds like an excellent follow-up to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, a lesser-known park builder from the PS2 era. We’ll likely see a lot more from this game before its release date arrives, so stay tuned.

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