June smart oven wants to take your cooking to the next level

If you've had trouble perfecting quiche florentine, or simply burn your microwave popcorn, the June Intelligent Oven has got you covered. This oven is smart. It is light-years beyond precook settings such as "popcorn" and "defrost". This oven can identify what you've put inside, and use a wide array of sensors and built-in algorithms to cook it properly. It's a step towards an Internet of Things level smart house without having to remodel the kitchen to make room for a smart device. June is small, about the size of a microwave or large toaster over. It has a 1 cubic foot cooking chamber than can fit a small turkey or a standard 9 x 13-inch baking dish.

Using a fully HD camera, June can tell the difference between 15 different types of food, including pizza, bacon, bagels and cookie dough. The smart oven has healthy cooking covered too; it can even tell the difference between similar vegetables like Brussel sprouts and asparagus. You can also watch a live stream of what's going on inside your oven, on your smartphone. That's right–June can be fully programmed by smartphone and will even send you reminders to let you know when your meal is ready.

Built into the oven's four feet are scales and sensors. The oven can judge how long, and the temperature at which something should be cooked based on its size. There are also two temperature probes, so you should never get pizza that is still cold in the middle.

A convenient feature is that this oven never needs preheating as its carbon fiber heating elements can reach their programmed temperature in seconds. June receives firmware updates over Wi-Fi automatically, so as added recognition capabilities materialize, your "cooking" skills will get even better.

If June seems more like a technological feat than an oven it's due to some help from NVIDIA. June's "deep learning" technology is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. The developers behind the smart oven made use of the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 DevKit to create its machine intelligence algorithms.

Taking "all-in-one" to the next level doesn't come cheaply. June is available for pre-sale at $1,495 USD. When it finally hits retails shelves, the oven will be double the price at $3,000. The creators may be hoping that the price difference spurs early adoption. You can reserve a June for yourself at the company website.