JuiceTank Case Charges Your iPhone Directly From A Wall Outlet

I always charged my iPhone each night by docking it on my iPhone alarm clock next to the bed. The only time I ever used a charge cable and adapter was when I was traveling. The problem was each time I went somewhere I would forget the cable or the part that plugs into the wall. When I could find them, it often took forever to put my hands on the charger because I forgot where I put it the last time I used it.

The JuiceTank case on Kickstarter right now eliminates any need for a charge cord or adapter. The case is designed to protect your iPhone from drops and scratches and has a pair of fold flat outlet prongs on the back. When you need to charge your iPhone, you flick the prongs up, and plug the case and phone directly into the wall.

The phone charges automatically once plugged in. The case is made from polycarbonate and it appears to add a bit more bulk. The company is offering a Kickstarter limited-edition case for people that help fund the project at $75 or more that is green and black. The cheapest pledge to get your hands on one of the cases standard black cases is $40. The company is seeking to raise $125,000 to develop the case and has 58 days remaining. So far, the case has raised $7872.