Judge wants "global peace" between Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung met again during an appeal hearing on yesterday to argue over the $1 billion that was rewarded to Apple over the summer after Samsung was accused of patent infringement. Judge Lucy Koh is currently reviewing the jury's $1.05 billion verdict against Samsung, but had some things of her own to say to the two companies bickering back and forth: "global piece."

The judge made a plea for "global peace" between the two companies during the appeal hearing, saying that "it would be good for consumers and good for the industry." You can clearly tell that Judge Koh is getting irritated with both companies at this point, and for understandable reasons. Neither lawyers from both sides answered any of Koh's questions, and instead continued to put blame on either company.

However, the head lawyer for Samsung said that the company was "willing to talk," but Apple was said to not want to back down, claiming that the $1 billion judgment from the jury was a "slap on the wrist" for Samsung. Apple also continued saying that Samsung was knowingly going as far as it could copying Apple products without getting into trouble, while Samsung accused Apple of running a smear campaign, and claimed that that company wanted to battle it out in the court instead of out in the market.

The appeal hearing yesterday involved Samsung questioning the jury on their calculations that led to just over $1 billion in damages, and they also asked to have the entire verdict dismissed and another trial opened up, but that seems not have much traction. As for Apple, they're attempting to add over $500 million to the $1 billion verdict.

[via Engadget]